October 2016 Tour – A review

October 2016 Tour – A review

I gladly tell you all about my glorious trip to Ireland.

To be met by you at the airport was an added bonus and a caring gesture on your part. The trip started with laughs.

You eased us well into our new adventure with a glass of Prosecco.

Next day up and at it. A singing poet/bookseller, ah, it began well.

You had researched everything so thoroughly, introducing interesting people in the arts to us, all enthusiastic and open and your rapport with them genuine. I feel I learnt a lot about the country and its people. I can well understand your love for the same. The enthusiasm, positive outlook and go-getting I admired and noticed about the women especially. Maybe, because they now finally are getting a voice and are heard. I think, they have had enough of male dominance – not because the men are mean but because they didn’t know better. They all, men and women, have gone through hell and upheavels to focus on if the woman is treated well or not.

The variety in the arts you produced for us was amazing. From lace-making to furniture making out in a beautiful setting, in a factory so clean that you could eat from the floor (Joseph Walsh Studio)… his talent and artistic touch were a quintessence.

The variety, the pace, the contents, the car trips, your empathy for us all and caring, pubs, dinners, sharing of laughs, the personal touch during the whole trip, your enthusiasm and joy, all that plus the fact that you nourished us well with facts intellectually and artistically – and Maureen, I would do it all over again.

You stuck to the schedule, everything was there as you promised, all timed precisely..

I wish you all luck and prosperity with your tours. I promote them to young and old – there were no age barriers in it – it would or will, rather, appeal to old and young. My aged friends, my nieces and nephews and even teen-aged grand children are hearing about you and the trip.

Giles Norman’s photos are framed and on the wall.

When I read through the written thoughts, I see I haven’t mentioned a favorite thing – they all were. I was so enlightened and have become so curious re: Ireland. You opened a valve. Thank you

Fond thoughts,